Automation Fixtures allows you to make your processes faster and more efficient.


  • The operator places the pulley in the Guiding fixture on to the ejector plate. While guiding the keyway onto the Go-Gauge by 5mm distance.
  • The operator presses the start button.
  • The ram travels and reaches at an intermediate position, just touching the upper surface of the pulley.
  • The Ram guides and locks the pulley. The total travel is confirmed by the reed switch.
  • The Go-Gauge then checks the keyway, after the confirmation the NO-GO gauge enters the keyway.
  • The “OK” confirmation is obtained by the Indicator.
  • After the checking, the Gauge cylinder retracts.
  • The Ram returns to the original position.
  • The operator Removes the pulley after which the Ejector cylinder retracts.
  • If the Gauging is not proper there will be a red indicator.